Three seasons of upstate New York


These paintings are from the 2014 collection of relief sculptures

on 16” x 20” board that is positioned about an inch off the wall.

The objects are attached to the board and protrude about two inches off of it.

Masking and spray paint is then applied leaving impressions once the masking is removed.


Lamps in color: Ghostlight 1

“Ghost Light,” is a term with an origin in  the theater.

Typically at the end of a show a lamp is placed on stage and turned on for the night

Lamps in color: Ghostlight 2


Lamps in black & white


This series in black and white consists of some indoor scenes.

“Comfort,” “Winter  1 and Winter 2” all representative of a living room with a couch,

fireplace and  lamps on a snowy night.

The weather outside is frightful but indoors it is cozy and warm.


Winter 1

Winter 2






Postal Series


This is called the 'Postal Series,' consisting of the front, back and view of the letter.

This whimsical portrayal of the letter was inspired by the 'wrecking ball'

-- the picture on the stamp on the front of the envelope --

demolishing a postal building with the wrecking ball opening the way to a new, more modern world.



Outdoor Series

The View


The inspiration for “The View” comes from the artist's enclosed porch

in the front of the house consisting of many windows.

Reflections and imagery formed the vision for this work.


It is impossible to not notice yards with these wonderful structures.

The “Trellice”  adds to the environment with plants and flowing foliage.


Reflecting Pond

“Reflecting Pond” is another image in the artist's view.

The rocks, pond inhabitants and all the related flora living in their space

reflect in the environment that make up our living spaces.


Yard & Garden

“Yard and Garden” represents to the artist a living space

that moves through the seasons with such grace and understanding

Environments change form under the autumn and fall leaves to brutal snows,

changing shape in the spring and summer.


Change of Season


“Change of Season” is a chaotic time for those of us who live in upstate New York.

The season is changing, wine has to be made, firewood has to be cut

and stacked to get ready for what lies ahead.



Invasive Plant Series


The stimulation for my art is from living and working in beautiful upstate  New York.

In the environment I notice things in nature changing constantly, such as seasonal changes and human involvement.

My choice of materials included found objects along with constructed objects,

as well as pieces of things I live with every day.

I apply my concerns and moments of vision through these. 


Burning Bush


Cypress Spurge


Emerald Ash Borer


Giant Hogweed





Hammered Metal Sculpture


In the 1970's the artist made a series of hammered metal sculptures.

Making sculptures was one of his original passions along with creating theatrical spaces and theater sets.

The work he has done since is reflective of this original passion.