Art, Environment and Whimsy

Art, environment and whimsy

Thoughts of a night out

A hallway entrance table with hooks for a hat, coat adorns the setting for a night out with two wine glasses reflecting one another through the invisible mirror.

The pieces of wood under the table represent the line of thoughts, in the artist's imagination, that are leading up to the thought of an night out.

Thoughts of a night out with cafe table

An imaginary person represented by gray smoke is sitting at the three dimensional cafe tables in the two paintings.

This person is imagining a “night out”

The artist  built this maple table, a separate piece as part of the furniture for the Star-Liner cafe in Brooklyn, NY.

Made in NY: The Art of Wood

The Cooperstown Art Association presented the Made in NY show in August of 2015 in Cooperstown, NY.

The maple cafe table and “Thoughts of a night out” were both exhibited in a group show along with several other artists.


Maple cafe furniture, made for
Star-Liner cafe, Brooklyn, NY