Three seasons of upstate New York

These paintings are from the 2014 collection of relief sculptures

on 16” x 20” board that is positioned about an inch off the wall.

The objects are attached to the board and protrude about two inches off of it.

Masking and spray paint is then applied leaving impressions once the masking is removed.

Lamps in color: Ghostlight 1

“Ghost Light,” is a term with an origin in  the theater.

Typically at the end of a show a lamp is placed on stage and turned on for the night

Lamps in color: Ghostlight 2

Lamps in black & white

This series in black and white consists of some indoor scenes.

“Comfort,” “Winter  1 and Winter 2” all representative of a living room with a couch,

fireplace and  lamps on a snowy night.

The weather outside is frightful but indoors it is cozy and warm.


Winter 1

Winter 2